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General information

China Express Holdings Ltd.(CEH) is a group company specialized in providing innovative financial services in terms of E-commerce. It is now developing and running China's leading points coalition platform China Cloud Points Loyalty Program and China's innovative third-party online payment solution China Express Prepaid Cards online union.

Based on cloud computing technologies and cloud storage services, China Cloud Points Loyalty Program enables users to collect, spend, and exchange pointseasily and conveniently between different merchant partners and loyalty programs through internet and mobile platform, available both online and offline. It covers many different industries such as finance, airline, hotel, communication, e-commerce, etc. As the program platform is growing and expanding, it is becoming the forerunner of managing general points in China, and will lead China's loyalty program entering the world stage.

China Cloud Points Loyalty Program attracts professional elite team members from IT, finance andeconomics areas. They are working on and sharing for one dream- building up one of the most valuable general points platform worldwide.